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What started off from its humble roots in the winter of ’95 has grown out into one of India’s most sought after college festivals. NEEV is the Annual Business School festival of Symbiosis Centre for Management & Human Resource Development (SCMHRD), Pune. Spread out over a span of three days in December, the stage is set upfor a plethora of events that is an amalgamation of both cultural and business events. Attracting an active participation from the top 40 Business Schools from across the country truly makes NEEV, the crème de la crème of business school festivals.

With a line-up of over 35 events and collaborations with leading companies and industrialists, NEEV stands as the platform to gauge and to expand the horizon of opportunities that are set up for the student community and to strive towards excellence across a myriad of genres.




Mediocrity is the single most defining trait that weakens the very essence of progress and fulfilment. In an age where society is swayed down by choice and convenience, it is essential to surpass this very ordeal and venture into a realm of free spirit kindled with passion and exuberance.

It is with this idea of free spirit that NEEV has always stood for and, continues to strive for. We stand to challenge complacency and to expand horizons beyond the breach of vision. This state of mind can only be attained by fostering a belief of strength, vigour, drive and courage.

This year, we at NEEV are intent to Reignite this very legacy!

The balance of life is forever sustained. This is as true for any individual as it is for any entity in this space. A sense of balance is achieved only when forces compete and complement one another. Over countless centuries, businesses and establishments have witnessed downturns and hustles. In all such instances it is the thirst to rise above all adversities as a phoenix would; is, what has kept and sustained this balance. And, with each rise, we as a society have collectively witnessed drastic changes in perspectives, perceptions, revelations and with deeper insights in to the ever changing dynamics of business.

NEEV has always stood as the foundation that resonates and exemplifies the undying spirit of persistence and endurance. This year’s chapter of NEEV would be a tryst that challenges the boundaries of imagination and one that looks to rekindle the human spirit. We believe the time is now and the time is ripe to set this belief in motion. One that we believe has the power of transformation and to tessellate thoughts of surreal divergence.




NEEV 2016
Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development

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